What is it?

Anxiety is a response to anticipated and perceived stress during a difficult situation. Our mind and body respond to this stressful moment in a few different ways. Some of the ways in which our body responds is through fight, flight, freeze and appease. The way our body reacts relates to what our mind is telling us. This can mean catastrophizing, minimizing, all-or-nothing thinking or making should statements. It is reflective of one’s perception of the situation as well as themselves.


What does it look like?

There is no right or wrong way to experience and cope with grief. Grief is not an emotion that goes away rather it is an emotion that evolves overtime. No one person experiences grief in the same way. It is a complex emotion that at times can feel as though one is on an emotional rollercoaster. It can result in being angry, sad, resentful, relieved, and tired. An important aspect of grief is social support and self-care.

Career Counselling

What does it involve?

Sometimes in life we are uncertain with the academic direction we want to go in. Sometimes we are looking for what career we would like to be in after graduating or looking for a career change. Career counselling affords the opportunity to explore the association between one’s personality and the best suited academic and/or career choices. It is easy to be uncertain, confused and hesitant about what works both realistically and practically. Career counselling focuses on the individuals’ needs and wants.