Communication Issues

What are they?

Communication is key to any relationship. It allows for emotions and thoughts to be explained and explored with others. Communication issues within a relationship can occur as a result of misunderstandings, heightened emotions and lack of validation. Communication is not just words; it also occurs through non-verbal communication. Body language and facial reactions are focused on and analyzed. This can cause frustration and criticism between those in the relationship. It becomes important to listen to what each other is saying as opposed to convincing the other person of your perspective.

Family Dynamics

What does it mean?

Families can be complicated, whether that be by genes or found family. All families have histories and sometimes they result in negative interactions and relationships. Family members influence how one grows up, who one is growing up and who a person is as an adult. These relationships impact how an individual thinks and what they do, which can influence how they interact with others. It also influences how an individual views themselves. It is therefore important to adapt one’s narrative that has been taught and utilized throughout one’s life.


How does it happen?

Life events can change lives, for the better or for the worse. Whether the life events are arguments, job changes, introduction of a child or grief from a loved one or friends’ death, it can cause stress within a relationship. Everybody has their own way to cope and adapt to stress. The important fact when it comes to couples is understanding and adapting to each other’s coping strategies while developing one that is effective for the relationship.