Below are the most commonly asked questions.

 1)    Do you offer in-person sessions? 

-No. Hope Forward Psychotherapy only offers virtual sessions. 

2)    Do you offer a sliding scale or a reduced fee? 

-No. At this time, Hope Forward Psychotherapy only offers full-fee. 

3)    What type of approach do you use? 

-Hope Forward Psychotherapy utilizes strategies and interventions from cognitive behaviour therapy, narrative therapy and systemic therapy. For couples therapy, the Gottman method will primarily be used. 

4)    What system do you use for the virtual sessions? 

-The Jane App system is used. It is PIPEDA compliant which means it is a secure connection and meets Canada’s requirement. 

5)    What is the cost per session? 

-The fee for an individual session is $165 and the fee for a couple’s session is $180. 

6)    How long is a session? 

-A session lasts between 50 minutes to 60 minutes. 

7)    What happens if I want a session to be longer than 60-minutes? What would the fee be? 

-The fee would increase to align with the time and cost. For example, if the session is 90 minutes for an individual session, the fee would be $247.50. As for a couple’s session that is 90 minutes, the fee would be $270.

 8)    Do you take insurance? 

-It would best to ask your insurance company who is covered under your specific plan. For all Canadian residents, make sure to ask if the plan covers Certified Canadian Counsellors.

For Quebec residents:

-Ask your insurance if under your plan, they cover naturotherapists and guidance counsellors who are licensed and registered in Quebec.

For Ontario residents:

-Ask your insurance if under your plan, they cover registered psychotherapists (RP).